Prizmatix Ltd.

Prizmatix Ltd. specialises in ultra-high-power LED illumination systems for microscopy and optogenetics as well as other scientific and industrial applications. Prizmatix systems incorporate the latest technology in packages that offer maximum versatility in light delivery and light sensing. Prizmatix has a full range of products, including high-power fibre-coupled LEDs and UV LEDs.

Prizmatix also provides custom development of various photonics products based on experience in High Power LEDs, fluorescence microscopy, absorption, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, fibre optics techniques, Biophotonics, bio compatible materials and many other related technologies. Prizmatix offers rapid development based on OptiBlocks fibre optics rapid prototyping system.

Prizmatix and your ANZ Distributor SDR Scientific welcome your inquiries, including those for development of custom products or adaptations of standard products to your specific requirements….

  • High-power Collimated LED Light Sources
  • Fiber-Coupled LED Light Sources
  • Light-guide Coupled LED Light Source
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optogenetics
  • Cross linking