Mission, Vision, Values


Whether your endeavours are in:

  • Research
  • Clinical
  • Commercial or Industrial
  • Educational

or a combination of the above, we will work with you to provide the highest quality sales, service and support of scientific, medical and laboratory equipment across Australia and New Zealand.

In essence, our mission is:

To help you get the results you need to achieve the success you deserve.


When it comes to selection, provision and support of scientific, medical, industrial or research solutions, our vision is to be known as your first-choice technical advisor.


SDR Scientific Values reflect who we are and how we act as a company:

  • Commitment to Our Customers: Without you, there is no “us”
  • Commitment to Our People: we value our people, encourage their development, and provide them with every opportunity to succeed
  • Integrity: Honesty, transparency and respect in every setting
  • Responsibility: We take action before it’s needed, and are personally accountable for each and everything we do
  • Flexibility and cut-through: We are a nimble organization that prides itself on getting things done. Quickly, accurately and fairly
  • Quality: in equipment, service, delivery and support
  • Corporate Stewardship: We forge strong relationships within our supply networks and strive to be great citizens in our community, our wider networks and in our global environment