Promethion Core

Using Promethion Core to Enhance Your Metabolic Research

SDR Scientific has been the exclusive distributor for Sable Systems for many years. Sable Systems, based in the United States, is at the forefront of development of equipment for metabolic disease research.

The new Promethion Core is the first and only metabolic and behavioural measurement system that uses modern digital technology to deliver the highest resolution data regardless of study size. This enables greater statistical power with fewer animals and simultaneous testing of more hypotheses. Real-time animal data are available from the web browser-based data management application and can be accessed securely via a wired connection or wirelessly from desktop or mobile devices.

SableHD™ High Definition Technology is built into each Promethion Core system, allowing labs to capture respirometry data at 0.001% (O2) to 0.0001% (CO2) resolution (or better) setting the standard that no other analysers can match. The fastest cage time constant (full cage air exchange) and cycle time (multiplexed sampling rate every 2.5 minutes) allows the most accurate recording of fast-changing metabolic events.

The Promethion Core system is based on 8cage or 16-cage wheeled rack modules with independent mass flow controllers, analysers, pumps, and an onboard real-time acquisition and analysis module. Each rack features a one-hour battery backup for uninterrupted data acquisition in the event of power interruption.

The system allows for synchronised data collection of metabolic and behavioural measurements within a cage environment for the animals to thrive and behave naturally, giving the user more reliable data.

Using the revolutionary IM-3 Acquisition Engine, Promethion Core eliminates the need for a PC to acquire data. This technology provides sufficient processing power for any length and size of experimental design. The IM-3 platform offers the same world leading temporal resolution as standard Promethion systems with the added benefits of near-infinite expandability while reducing your cost-per-cage.

Optional Components of Promethion Core:

  • Body Mass Measurement – Enrichment Accessory
  • Access Control Unit
  • 3-D IR Beam Break Array
  • Activity Detector Vibration Sensor Pad
  • Desktop Computer with Monitor
  • Telemetry Bases for Temperature, Heart Rate and Activity
  • Running Wheel
  • Environmental Sensor Array
  • Pathogen-Free Isolation Mouse Cage

Key Components of Promethion Core include:

  • Promethion Core Rack Mount Instrumentation which includes:
    • Triple Gas Single Path Analyser
    • 16-channel Flow Generator and Multiplexer
    • Promethion IM-3 Interface Module including onboard computer and memory
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Precision Mass Monitors
  • Magnetic Mount Food Hopper
  • Magnetic Mount Water Bottle with Sipper Tube
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis Software
  • Browser-based interface accessible by authorised smartphones, tablets or computers on the lab’s intranet.
  • 1-hr Battery backup
16-cage-Promethion-Core-Rack Sable systems

16-cage Promethion Core Rack.

Promethion Core Sable Systems metabolic

Fully Configured Multiplexed Respirometry Cage for Mice.

Promethion Core Rack Mounted Instrumentation

Promethion Core Rack Mounted Instrumentation.

What are the Key Benefits?

Promethion Core offers the following key benefits:

  • SableHD™ for highest resolution, sampling rate and accuracy.
  • Multiple 8-cage and 16-cage systems can be networked together.
  • Highest throughput and efficient workflow.
  • Most accurate recording of fast-changing metabolic events.
  • Flexibility to run multiple studies simultaneously.
  • Secure browser-based access to real-time data and reports.
  • Synchronisation of metabolic data with activity, food and water uptake and body mass.
  • Battery backup in case of power outage.
  • New VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and option to monitor gut microbiome activity.

Promethion Core facilitates the recording and synchronisation of metabolic data with activity, food and water uptake and body mass.

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