Hamamatsu Streak Camera Range

Streak Cameras: What is the excitement all about?

Operating principle of streak camera

The light pulse to be measured is focused onto the photo cathode of the streak tube through the slit, where the photons are converted into a number of electrons proportional to the intensity of the incident light. These electrons are accelerated and conducted towards the phosphor screen, and a high-speed voltage which is synchronised to the incident light is applied.

The electrons are swept at high speed from top to bottom, after which they are bombarded against the phosphor screen of the streak tube and converted to an optical image. When the light intensity of the streak image is very weak, an image intensifier amplifies the low light level streak image.

Hamamatsu Streak Operation Principle

Streak cameras are available from SDR Scientific and Hamamatsu in a number of configurations:

  • Universal streak camera
  • Femtosecond streak camera
  • NIR streak camera
  • X-ray streak camera
  • High dynamic range streak camera

Applications include:

  • Semiconductor Physics (photoluminescence of GaAlAs)
  • Photochemistry (Picosecond time-resolved absorption of photochromic compound
  • Optical communication (Chromatic dispersion in single mode optical fiber
  • Fabrication of high quality thin films (Laser ablation of YBCO)
  • Laser induced discharge
  • High energy Laser nuclear fusion

Key Features & Benefits:

Hamamatsu’s experience in Streak camera development and production is unparalleled. They now offer a complete range of cameras and accessories for most, if not all, applications.

Features of the Streak camera family include:

  • Simultaneous measurement of light intensity on both the temporal and spatial axis (wavelength axis)
  • Superb temporal resolution of less than 0.2 ps
  • Handles anything from single event phenomena to high-repetition phenomena in the GHz range
  • Measurement ranges from X-rays to the near infrared rays
  • Ultra-high sensitivity (single photoelectron can be detected)
  • Dedicated readout system
Hamamatsu Universal streak camera

Hamamatsu Universal streak camera

Hamamatsu femto streak camera

Hamamatsu Femtosecond streak camera

The streak camera is an ultra high-speed detector which captures light emission phenomena occurring in extremely short time periods