Micropipette Pullers

Sutter P-2000 Micropipette Puller

A significant advancement in the fabrication of micropipettes, this unique puller uses a CO2 laser as the heating source, and hence is able to pull both ordinary glasses and pure quartz pipettes. Quartz has exceptional properties for many research applications: high strength, absence of metal ions, low electrical noise, & absence of fluorescence…

Sutter Instruments P-2000

P-2000 Laser-Based Micropipette Puller

Sutter P-1000 Micropipette Puller

The P1000 Flaming/Brown style pipette puller is a further development of the P-97 with colour touch screen and the entire Sutter Pipette Cookbook stored in its memory. New features for the P-1000 include: diagnostic testing of all puller components, built-in error detection of air pressure loss or filament burnout, easy access to ramp test, measurement of jaw temperature, and access to previous pull results with the heat on times for each cycle of the program…

Sutter Instruments P-2000

P-1000 Next Generation Micropipette Puller

Sutter P-97 Micropipette Puller

The P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette type micropipette puller is ideal for fabricating micropipettes, patch pipettes and microinjection needles offering excellent control and high level of reproducability. The P-97 combines a proven mechanical system with a sophisticated, programmable microprocessor controller…

Sutter Instruments P-97

P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller

Sutter P-30 Vertical Micropipette Puller

The model P-30 vertical micropipette puller is designed for the fabrication of basic micropipettes and patch-type pipettes. It will pull micropipettes with tip diameters as small as 0.3µm and moderate taper lengths (6 to 10 mm). By using an included patching attachment, the P-30 will pull the standard double pull patch-type pipette…

Sutter Instruments P-30

P-30 Vertical Micropipette Puller

Micropipette Puller Accessories

Sutter BV-10 Beveller

The BV-10 offers precision bevelling of micropipette tips between 0.1 and 50 µm. The unique abrasive plate drive system is vibration free for greater control of the bevelling process. Bevelling can be accomplished very rapidly to produce consistent tip diameters. Two options are available for monitoring the bevelling process, an 40X stereo microscope and an electrode impedance meter. Depending on your research application, one or both of these options may be desirable…

Sutter Instruments BV-10

BV-10 Microelectrode Beveler (shown with optional 40x stereo microscope)

Pipettes/MicroPipettes and Filaments

SDR Scientific stocks a supply of the more popular trough and box filaments available from Sutter Instruments. We also offer a wide selection of high quality glass pipettes in various sizes and materials.

Other accessories such as pipette storage boxes, Drierite, ceramic scoring tiles and Platinum/iridium sheets are also available on request…

Sutter Instruments Glass Accessories

Glass Pipettes

Forming glass micropipettes at a nanoscale demands precision and sophisticated controls. From years of continued refinement of the micropipette puller, Sutter pullers represent the state-of-the-art in micropipette fabrication.