Line Up Flow EZTM

The Line Up Flow EZTM for your microfluidic research

SDR Scientific is the sole distributor for Fluigent within Australia and New Zealand.  Based in France, Fluigent develops, manufactures and supports a range of novel microfluidic systems.

The Flow EZTM from Fluigent is the most advanced system available for pressure-based flow control. The compact device stands alone near the microfluidic setup, allowing the user to minimise bench space and use without a PC, if required.

In the simplest configuration, the Flow EZTM controls pressure, and the liquid flow is a function of characteristics such as system resistance and fluid viscosity. The addition of a flow unit enables the user to control or monitor flow rate as well as dispense chosen volumes. The pressure automatically adjusts in the background to maintain the flow rate as the resistance in the circuit changes.

When combined with a Link Module, the capabilities of the Flow EZTM are extended by connecting the device to a computer. Fluigent software can be used for automation (microfluidic automation tool) or live monitoring and recording of data (all-in-one software).

The Flow EZTM modules, are available in different pressure and vacuum ranges, to provide the optimum levels of pressure control and resolution. These can easily be lined up next to each other and connected to match all application requirements or the system can be reconfigured to fit a new experimental design. They are available in a variety of pressure ranges from -800 to +7,000 mbar. Up to eight Flow EZTM modules can be combined and each can be controlled independently.

Pulse-free flow is critical for generating high quality and repeatable results. The Flow EZTM integrates the all-new DFC (Direct Flow Control) algorithm which allows the user to set a flow rate directly on the instrument display. The applied pressure will automatically adjust to maintain the flow rate.

Instead of looking at the PC, users may need to keep their eyes on the microscope while adjusting the control dial with one hand. In this stand-alone configuration, pressure or flow rate control and volume dispensing make it ideal for benchtop use.

The Flow EZTM supports reservoir sizes from 2 mL to standard lab bottles. Stability is independent of reservoir volume. When using large reservoirs, the Flow EZTM can maintain continuous, pulse-free flow for days without refilling.

Based on their industry-leading experience developing microfluidic instrumentation, Fluigent has engineered the patented QuadCore, the most advanced microfluidic pumping technology available. It is at the heart of the Fluigent’s next-generation performance. This is the fastest, most stable, and compact system for microfluidics available.

Flow-EZTM Fluigent microfluidics

The Flow EZTM can be used with or without PC connectivity.

FLOW EZTM Fluigent flow rate

The Flow EZTM is used in conjunction with a pressurised reservoir and with an option to measure flow rate.

Key Features & Benefits:

The Line Up Flow EZTM:

  • has a wide range and highly accurate pressure control.
  • is manufactured by Fluigent, the first company to develop this technology
  • is Fluigent’s latest and key pressure controller
  • may be used with, or without a PC
  • is available in wide range of pressures including vacuum versions over the range from -800 to +7,000 mbar.

Flow EZTM is a flow controller for pressure-based fluid control. Fluigent is the first company globally to develop this type of technology

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