Eicom/Amuza supports neuroscientists who excel ever further in their fields as the technical demands grow ever more challenging by the day. Eicom/Amuza works in partnership with researchers from start to finish, applying their experience and expertise to provide custom-tailored systems to match your specific needs.

Eicom/Amuza provides products that are the best fit for the needs and objectives of neuroscience researchers. Relevant applications include: Behavioural Neuroscience, Microdialysis, Neurochemical analysis and Wireless Neuroscience…

Eicom/Amuza’s objective is to help researchers to achieve their goals, but their satisfaction is the most rewarding aspect and is what they ultimately hope to achieve. By working closely with customers, they are proud of their role in helping researchers to make great discoveries that advance the field of scientific research and benefit humankind as a whole.

Simply stated, Eicom/Amuza’s mission is to provide better research experiences and improve the quality of human lives…

  • Microdialysis Probes
  • Microdialysis Guides
  • Microdialysis Syringe Pump
  • Microfraction Collector
  • HPLC-ECD System
  • Acetylcholine Analysis
  • Dopamine Analysis
  • Serotonin Analysis
  • Norepinephrine Analysis
  • Rapid GABA Analysis
  • Glutamate Analysis
  • NOx Analysis
  • Catecholamine Analysis
  • Coenzyme Q10 Analysis
  • Vitamin K Analysis
  • Thiol Detection
  • ENO-30
  • FC-90
  • EAS-20S
  • ESP-180LD
  • ESP-101
  • HTEC-510