BTX is part of the Harvard Bioscience family of companies. BTX has been at the forefront of electroporation technology since they introduced the first commercially available electroporator in 1983. For over 30 years, they have made it their priority to focus only on electroporation and electrofusion. This focus has allowed them to develop the experience and expertise to supply you with a broad selection of innovative in vivo and in vitro tools to advance your research.

Whatever your need, their range of electroporation systems and accessories covers virtually every electroporation and electrofusion application, including high throughput. Additionally, BTX provides exceptional applications support and service before, during and after your purchase to ensure your success.

Their comprehensive library of protocols and publications, along with the expertise of their technical staff, will make addressing your application needs easier. Thousands of users have published papers on many species, including mammals, bacteria, fruit flies, nematodes, chickens, frogs, liver, brains, embryos, and muscles, in vivo and in vitro. Put the BTX advantage to work for you!

Access their rich resource materials or contact us here at SDR Scientific for help with your application.

  • Electrofusion Systems
  • Electroporation Systems
  • Microinjection Systems
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Cuvettes
  • Buffers
  • Cell Fusion
  • Hybridoma Production
  • Electroporation: Eukaryote Cell Transformation
  • Electroporation: Prokaryote Cell Transformation
  • In Vivo Electroporation
  • Large Volume Transfections
  • CRISPR Gene Editing
  • ECM 399
  • ECM 630
  • ECM 830
  • ECM 2001
  • Gemini
  • AgilePulse
  • Enhancer 3000
  • BTX Cuvettes Plus