Panlab Harvard Biosciences

Panlab S.L

Panlab S.L.U has been working for more than 40 years in behavioural neuroscience. In 2007, Panlab became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvard Apparatus (now Harvard Bioscience) Group.

Panlab is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and software developers of products and systems for life science animal research. The Panlab brand is a well-established name specialising in the field of neuroscience research, providing a wide range of solutions for studying behaviour and physiology in small laboratory animals.

A constant effort is made to guarantee that high quality standards are accomplished in every detail.

Panlab products help solve relevant problems in basic and clinical psychopharmacology. Applications includes the study of brain functions (cognition, memory, emotion…), the study of related pathologies (Alzheimer, Parkinson, depression, addiction…) and the discovery and screening of new therapeutic compounds.

  • Video tracking for rodents
  • Rodent metabolism system
  • Rodent mazes
  • Rodent treadmills
  • Rota Rod
  • Fear Conditioning system
  • Operant Conditioning system
  • Rodent Behaviour apparatuses
  • Rodent Behaviour research covering the following fields:
  • Video tracking
  • Operant conditioning
  • Locomotor activity and Exploration
  • Sensory motor and Coordination
  • Pain and Analgesia
  • Social interaction
  • Learning and Memory
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Reward and Addiction
  • Fear and Emotion
  • Attention and Impulsivity
  • Sedacom
  • OxyletPro
  • TruScan
  • Actitrack Rota Rod