Warner Instruments

Warner Instruments was founded in Hamden, Connecticut in 1988 by Burton Warner and Victor Pantani. The company was acquired by Harvard Bioscience in 2001 and is currently a proud member of the Smart Ephys division along with HEKA, and MultiChannel Systems.

Warner Instruments is known throughout the world as an innovative engineering company that designs, develops, and manufactures biomedical devices for the electrophysiological, cellular, and neurological sciences.

Having introduced the first commercially available imaging and recording chambers in the early 90’s, Warner is also recognized for its bilayer workstations, oocyte voltage clamps and temperature control instrumentation.

Now in its 30th year in business, Warner’s goal is still to offer high quality, reliable electrophysiology products, supported by an experienced scientific and customer service staff and quality global distributors such as SDR Scientific…

  • Temperature Controllers
  • Perfusion Chambers
  • Perfusion Controllers
  • Oocyte Clamps
  • Microinjectors
  • Microelectrode Holders
  • Capillary Glass
  • Tools for a wide range of electrophysiology and cellular imaging applications like chambers, temperature and perfusion control systems, microinjection and ussing systems, and planar lipid bilayer workstations.
  • Model TC-324C Heater Controller, Single Channel
  • Model TC-344C Heater Controller, Dual Channel
  • (PLI-100A) Pico-liter Microinjector
  • Premium Capillary Glass
  • Borosilicate Capillaries
  • Aluminosilicate Capillaries