Noldus Information Technology

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Noldus Information Technology was established in 1989 by Lucas Noldus, founder and CEO of the company. With a Ph.D. in animal behaviour from Wageningen University, he developed the company’s first software tool during his research in entomology.

Noldus has strived to advance behavioural research ever since, evolving into a company that provides integrated systems including software, hardware, and a range of services.

Noldus now offers a spectrum of solutions for research in animal and human domains, including biology, psychology, marketing, human factors, and healthcare.

Noldus works with leading suppliers to develop innovative, state-of-the art products. Noldus also offers excellent technical support and customer care. As a result, Noldus systems have found their way into more than 10,200 universities, research institutes, and companies in almost 100 countries!

The success of Noldus is determined to a large extent by the enthusiasm and creativity of its employees. Noldus encourages its team to think outside the box, which leads to unique products and services for you, our customer.

  • Behavioural coding software
  • Facial Expression Recogition software
  • Multi-room video recording software,
  • GPS behavioural monitor,
  • Animal video tracking software,
  • Zebrafish larvae monitoring software,
  • Ultrasonic rodent vocalisation analysis system,
  • Zebrafish larvae recording system,
  • Rodent Gait Analysis system,
  • Rodent Motor learning and performance analysis system,
  • Rodent Home Cage recording system, 3-dimensional animal video tracking system
  • UX research
  • Usability testing
  • Human factors & ergonomics
  • Parent-child interaction
  • Educational research
  • Mental disorders research
  • Simulation in healthcare
  • Doctor-patient interaction
  • Food and Beverage consumption research
  • Consumer behaviour research
  • Neuromarketing research
  • Compound screening
  • Rodent behavioural screening
  • Animal behaviour observation
  • Animal behaviour, welfare and health tracking
  • Insect studies
  • Social behaviour Research
  • The Observer XT
  • FaceReader
  • Viso
  • CubeHX
  • TrackLab
  • EthoVision XT
  • DanioScope
  • UltraVox XT
  • DanioVision
  • CatWalk XT
  • ErasmusLadder
  • PhenoTyper
  • Track3D