Muromachi Kikai Co Ltd

Muromachi Kikai’s high-quality and high-performance instruments mainly for rats and mice enjoy a favourable reputation from researchers not only in Japan but also in countries all over the world. Supplier Partner: Muromachi offers a wide variety of highly original products, such as the world’s only BP monitor that enables BP monitoring without heat. The Brain Enzyme Deactivation system (Microwave) is essential in the preliminary process of measuring substance in the brain.

Muromachi also offers an Impedance Checker for the determination of the oestrous cycle of rats and a Metabolism Measuring system that can measure microscopic respiratory gases of small animals.

The Muromachi range includes:

Activity Monitoring System, Blood Pressure Monitors for Mice & Rats, Grip Strength Meters for Rats & Mice, Laboratory Animal Ear Tag, Laboratory Animal ID Marker, Microwave Fixation Systems, Measurement scratching behaviour, Rota-Rod Treadmills, Rat Vaginal Impedance Checker, Small Animal Anesthetiser, Treadmills, The O2/CO2 Metabolism Measuring System for Small Animals,

Muromachi creates these and other high-performance instruments to continue providing dedicated support in animal research fields such as pharmacology, behavioural pharmacology, and physiology.