Hattaras Instruments Scientific Research Equipment

Hatteras Instruments

Supplier Partner: Hatteras Instruments is an experienced manufacturer of physiological research equipment for the life sciences global community. For over a decade, Hatteras has partnered with laboratories in the academic, pharmaceutical, contract research, and non-profit industries to facilitate the progression of medical research by supplying innovative instrumentation that produces accurate and valid results.

Specializing in non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) analysis systems for mice and rats, Hatteras also produces intra-arterial blood pressure analysis systems, metabolic cages for mice, cage racks, and chiller systems for metabolic cage samples. In addition, they offer services such as product design and engineering development for custom-built equipment.

The Hatteras Mission: to provide research teams around the world with the products and services that make your valuable and essential research affordable and efficient.

  • Physiological research equipment for life sciences
  • Metabolic cage racks
  • Chiller systems
  • Non-invasive blood pressure analysis systems for mice and rats, NIBP
  • SC1000 Single Channel System
  • MC4000 Multi Channel System
  • SC1000IA Intra-arterial System
  • MMC100 Metabolic Cage