Scie-Plas Scientific Research Equipment

Scie-Plas Ltd.

Scie-Plas is a quality provider of gel electrophoresis equipment and related laboratory accessories.

Based in the United Kingdom, Scie-Plas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard Bioscience.

Scie-Plas offers an extensive collection of electrophoresis products to meet the varied needs of protein and nucleic acid researchers around the globe. Scie-Plas products incorporate design features recommended by scientists and are fabricated to ensure they are robust and therefore able to withstand years of experimentation…

  • Horizontal Gel Units
  • Specialist Gel Units
  • Vertical Gel Units
  • Gel Drying Systems
  • Gradient Gel Electrophoresis Systems
  • Gel Temperature Control Units
  • Blotting Units
  • Electrodialysis System
  • Gel Documentation System
  • PCR Products
  • Transilluminators
  • Electrophoresis Reagents
  • Radiation Radiation Shielding
  • Radiation Storage Boxes
  • Radiation Waste Bins
  • Radiation Boxes and Pipette Shields
  • Radiation Transport and Container Covers
  • Radiation Cabinet Workstation
  • Radiation Safety Bags
  • Radiation Safety Trays and Liners
  • Gel Electrophoresis
  • Radiation Protection
  • Biostep
  • Dedicated 2-D systems
  • VG-FAST96
  • TC-3000
  • HU15
  • Scie-Plas Super-Seals
  • TV400-DGGE