Bodycap Research Equipment

BodyCAP, Inc

BodyCap develops, industrialises and markets miniature wireless electronic sensors and global monitoring solutions. The company combines skills for the development of communicating sensors, the industrialisation of complete monitoring solutions, their distribution and customer support. All of this as a part of a proven quality system.

One of Bodycap’s Key Life Sciences products is Anipill.

Whether for veterinary or research applications, the conventional methods for animal body temperature measurement are time-consuming. This requires repeated handlings that are more or less stressful for the animal and that can have an impact on the reliability of the data collected.

Based on an implantable and/or ingestible capsule depending on the species, the Anipill® solution revolutionises your approach to body temperature measurement:

  • Continuous core temperature measurement
  • The collection of reliable and accurate data, without any interference
  • To limit direct contact with animals and to avoid thus stressful situations
  • Real-time visualisation of the data collected
  • Support animal welfare
  • Core Body Temperature
  • Ingestible capsule
  • Internal temperature recording from animals
  • AniPill