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Hand Held UV Lamps

Handheld UV Lamps

Handheld UV Lamps

Powerful, durable UV sources in a variety of wavelengths and wattages. Comfortably hand-held, with a convenient on/off switch.

  • Available in 254, 300 or 365 nm wavelengths.
  • Each wavelength available in 4 wattages: 4, 6, 8 or 16 (2x8) W.
  • Dual wavelength versions (365/254 or 365/300) also available.
Flex-Mount Lamp Stands

Flex-Mount Lamp Stands

A complete family of lamp stands for use with the hand-held lamps shown above. Lamps can be positioned in any orientation.

Portable/Rechargeable UV Lamps

Portable/Rechargeable UV Lamps

An internal rechargeable lead-acid battery gives 5-7 hours of operation.

  • Ideal for mineralogy, security control, genetic research, field UV fluorescence analysis, art conservation, antiques, leak detection etc.
  • Rugged ABS plastic shell
  • Built-in charger for intermittent or continuous recharging
  • Available in 3 wavelengths (254/300/365 nm), or
  • Dual wavelength (254/365 or 300/365), or
  • White light

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