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Navicyte Chambers

Ussing/Diffusion chambers for the study of substance transport across cultured cell monolayers or excised epithelial tissue. For cultured monolayers, these chambers use the Snapwell device - a 2-piece Transwell with 12 mm diameter x 0.4 um pore membrane mounted in a detachable ring. Excised tissue of various sizes can be clamped in a choice of chambers.

Vertical chambers allow the tissue to be bathed on both sides with no pressure difference, while transport and electrophysiological parameters are measured. Horizontal chambers allow the upper surface of the tissue to be exposed to gases or liquids while the lower surface is perfused.

NaviCyte Vertical Chamber

NaviCyte Vertical Chamber

A range 14 different Ussing chambers which may be used individually, or mounted in the 6-position gas manifold / heating block system shown below.

  • Chamber halves retained by strong spring for leak-free operation
  • Tissue is held by a series of pins around the opening
  • Electrode ports allow insertion of optional Ag/AgCl electrodes
  • Standard chambers - use excised tissue of
    • 9 mm round
    • 4 mm round
    • 8 x 24 mm rectangular
    • 5 x 24 mm rectangular
    • 6 x 9 mm rectangular
    • 4 x 8 mm rectangular
  • Low volume chambers - use excised tissue of
    • 12 mm round
    • 9 mm round
    • 5 mm round
    • 3 mm round
    • 4 x 8 mm rectangular
    • 2 x 10 mm rectangular
  • Speciality chambers - for 12 mm Snapwells or 12 mm Millicells
6 Vertical Chamber System

6 Vertical Chamber System

The 6 Vertical Chamber System consists of 6 chambers, a 12-channel gas manifold and a heating block.

  • Gas manifold distributes gas through individual valves for media circulation by gas lift
  • Dual heating block for efficient heating/cooling using a circulating water bath
  • Perfusion caps allow closed perfusion with syringe pump or peristaltic pump
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Horizontal Chamber

Horizontal Chambers

NaviCyte Horizontal Chambers allow the upper surface of the tissue to be exposed to gases with the open top, or perfused with solution using the closed top.

  • Accepts Snapwells or optional tissue mounting rings
  • Accepts standard diffusion chamber electrodes
  • Perfusion is via a syringe or peristaltic pump
  • A 6-position heating block (for use with circulating bath) is available
Horizontal Chamber System

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