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Classic Chambers

Classic Ussing System (pre-amp not included)


Classic Ussing Chamber

Classic Ussing System

These classic U9500 Series Ussing chambers differ little from the original design of Hans Ussing, but are still enormously popular. Components of the system include the chamber, support/clamping stand, and a glass perfusion/circulation reservoir.

  • Chambers are machined from solid acryclic rod; one face has pins for puncturing and positioning the epithelium.

  • Chambers available in 8 sizes (required tissue size is quoted):

    • 15.5 mm round
    • 14 mm round
    • 11 mm round
    • 8 mm round
    • 5.8 mm round
    • 9 x 5.5 mm rectangular
    • 9 x 4.5 mm rectangular
    • 9 x 2.5 mm rectangular

  • Optional tissue culture adaptor allows use of Snapwell, Transwell, Millicell or Falcon cell culture inserts

  • Chambers are supplied with 4 Ag/AgCl electrodes

  • Glass circulation reservoir allows gas-lift perfusion

  • Circulation reservoir is jacketed for optional temperature control

Self-contained Ussing Chamber

Self-contained Ussing Chamber

These Self-contained Ussing Chambers offer an alternative to the classic system, with no delicate glass reservoir. A water jacket is incorporated in the design.

  • Single- and dual-channel models available (dual model illustrated)
  • Tissue or culture cup mounts in an insert, the halves of which are clamped into the chamber
  • Eight sizes of insert available (same sizes as Classic model above), plus adaptors for cell culture cups
  • Chambers are supplied with 4 Ag/AgCl electrodes

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