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Ultra-fast Imaging

High-speed Calcium, Voltage or Intrinsic Signal Imaging

NeuroPlex II
NeuroPlex II Fibre-optic

NeuroPlex II

The NeuroPlex II from RedShirtImaging uses a photodiode array for fast imaging at limited resolution but very high speed - 24 x 24 pixels and 1600 frames/sec. It is suitable for relatively high fluorescence levels, and has a very wide dynamic range (>17 bits).

  • Uses the WuTech H-469IV photodiode array system (originally developed by Yale University School of Medicine)
  • Simultaneous optical and 8 channels of electrical recording
  • Optical coupler to reduce objective image to the size of the CCD chip
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly software designed for neurobiologists, physiologists and biophysicists
  • Computer control of shutter and stimulator


The NeuroCCD from RedShirtImaging is a low dark-noise, cooled CCD imaging system suitable for low fluorescent light levels. It uses the Marconi CCD39-01 CCD chip and achieves 2000 frames/second at 80 x 80 pixels.

  • 80 x 80 pixels
  • Full-frame, frame rate: 2,000 Hz
  • 3x3-binning, frame rate: 5,000 Hz
  • Back-illuminated for high quantum efficiency (80% from 400-600nm)
  • Cooled CCD: for low dark noise
  • Readout Noise: 2,000 Hz: 26 e- ; 1,000 Hz: 9 e- ; 125 Hz: 4 e- ; 40 Hz: 3 e-
  • Large well size: 300,000 e-
  • Digitization: 14 bits standard; 16-bits optional (slower frame rate)
  • No fan - vibration free
  • Frame transfer to minimize smear: transfer time 7 micro-seconds

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