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Precision Electronic Thermometers
from Physitemp

All Physitemp thermometers use precision interchangeable thermocouples, available in a wide range of probe sizes (see below).

BAT-10 Multipurpose Thermometer

A versatile, precise and accurate thermometer with:

  • Three switchable inputs
  • Ranges of -200/+400 ºC (1 ºC resolution) and -100/+200 ºC (0.1 ºC resolution).
  • Differential range of -20/+20 ºC (0.01 ºC resolution).
  • Uses any Physitemp Type T probe.
  • Battery operated or re-chargeable.
  • Analog output option (non-linearised).
Physitemp BAT-10

Physitemp BAT-12

BAT-12 Microprobe Thermometer

A highly portable & accurate thermometer, ideal for use with microprobes

  • Range -100/+200 ºC with 0.1 ºC resolution.
  • Full 0 ºC to +50 ºC operating range.
  • Analog output and carrying case as standard.
  • Battery operated or re-chargeable.

Physitemp Interchangeable Thermocouple Probes

Fast response needle probes

  • MT-4 Blunt tip 29 gauge SS needle, 1 cm long for skin
  • MT-23/x 23 gauge SS sealed needle, x= 3, 5, 8 cm long
  • MT-26/y 26 gauge SS sealed needle, y= 2, 4, 6 cm long
  • MT-29/z 29 gauge SS sealed needle, z= 1, 2, 3, 5 cm long
  • MT-29/1B as above, sensor welded to tip for fast response

Flexible Implantable Probes

  • IT-14 Teflon sheathed wire, 0.050" OD for implantation
  • IT-18 Teflon sheathed wire, 0.025" OD for implantation
  • IT-1E as above, sensor bead exposed for fast response
  • IT-21 Teflon sheathed wire, 0.016" OD for implantation
  • IT-23 Teflon sheathed wire, 0.009" OD for implantation
  • ICT-4 0.013" SS shaft, 5" handle for IC circuits

General Purpose Probes

  • BT-1 Stainless steel shaft for surfaces
  • DPT-12 12" Stainless steel shaft for liquids
  • DPT-24 24" Stainless steel shaft for liquids
  • DPT-36 36" Stainless steel shaft for liquids
  • HT-1 low cost 3" SS shaft for liquids
  • HT-2 low cost 9" SS shaft for liquids
  • GT-1 24" SS shaft for gases
  • PIT-6 6" Inconel shaft for permanent installation
  • PIT-12 12" Inconel shaft for permanent installation
  • PT-6 6 welded sensor beads, 5' insulated leads
  • TFT-12 12" teflon coated SS shaft for corrosive liquids
  • TFT-24 24" teflon coated SS shaft for corrosive liquids
  • TFT-36 36" teflon coated SS shaft for corrosive liquids

Animal Rectal Probes

  • RET-2 Rectal probe for rats
  • RET-3 Rectal probe for mice

For further details on Physitemp Thermometers, see Physitemp's web site.

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