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Stirrers & Homogenisers

If you need a reliable magnetic stirrer, choose from Harvard's range of quality products!

  • Mini-Stirrers - compact, chemically resistant, safe speed limited
  • Heavy-Duty Stirrers - capacity up to 5 litres, speed regulated, cheically resistant
  • Dual-Speed Stirrers - two regulated speed ranges, up to 5 litres capacity
  • Auto-reverse Stirrers - change direction at a user-regulated interval
  • Stirrers with Tachometer - for complete reproducibility
  • Timer-controlled Stirrers - timed from 5 mins to 2 hours, RPM display
Harvard Mini-Stirrers
Harvard PRO-250 Homogeniser

Harvard Homogenisers are versatile, affordable and fast!

  • PRO200 Homogeniser - fast, quiet, hand-held or stand-mounted
  • PRO250 Homogeniser - light, hand-held or stand-mounted, high power
  • PRO260 Homogeniser - high power with digital speed control
  • PRO300 Homogeniser - high power bench-top homogeniser

For further details, please see Harvard's online catalog pages.

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