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Motorised stages and focus controllers that can be retro-fitted to your microscope.
All controllers described here are controllable by HCImage imaging software.

Marzhauser ECODRIVE Stage

An economical stepper-motor stage suitable for retro-fitting to a range of microscopes.

  • Resolution: 0.7 µm
  • Repeatability 3 µm (16 µm when used bidirectionally)

Marzhauser SCAN Series

A range of stepper-motor stages. Each stage size is available in 3 different lead screw pitches - finer pitches give higher resolution in stage movement at the expense of maximum speed.

  • Available in sizes from 100 x 100 mm to 300 x 300 mm
  • Available with leadscrew pitches of 1 mm, 2mm or 4 mm.
  • A range of stage inserts for slides etc. is also available

Marzhauser SCAN IM for Inverted Microscopes

A range of motor-driven stages especially for popular models of inverted microscope.

  • Stage movement 120 x 100 mm
  • Available with leadscrew pitches of 1 mm, 2mm or 4 mm.
  • Available for most models of Leica, Nikon, Olympus & Zeiss microscopes
  • Stage inserts for slides, 96 well plates and other formats

Marzhauser LSTEP Controller

The new LSTEP controller offers quiet and smooth operation of stages with the exceptional resolution of 50,000 microsteps per motor revolution.

  • Compatible with most imaging software, including HCImage imaging software
  • Optional Win-Commander control software; DLLs for program development also available
  • Switchable to manual joystick operation

For the Sutter XY Translator system, as an alternative to a moveable stage, please see our Micromanipulator Stands page.

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