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96-Well SpinColumns

The Harvard 96-well SpinColumnTM brings speed and simplicity to high-throughput micro-sample preparation.

The 96-well SpinColumn is for 25 to 100 µl sample sizes and includes two 96-well collection plates (1.5 ml per well). The 96-well SpinColumns are available with our complete range of packing materials or can be pre-packed with custom requested materials.

96-Well SpinColumns - Ordering Information

Packing Material Qty. of 1
Gel filtration G-10 BS4 74-5600
G-25 BS4 74-5601
G-50 BS4 74-5602
G-100 BS4 74-5603
P-2 BS4 74-5902
P-6 BS4 74-5903
Hydrophobic Silica C18 BS4 74-5701
Silica C8 BS4 74-5702
Silica C4 BS4 74-5703
Hydrophilic Silica BS4 74-5700
Cyano (CN) BS4 74-5704
Amino (NH3) BS4 74-5705
Hydrophilic BS4 74-5905
Ion Exchange Strong anion BS4 74-5800
Weak anion BS4 74-5801
Strong cation BS4 74-5802
Weak cation BS4 74-5803
Miscellaneous Active charcoal BS4 74-5900
Cellulose BS4 74-5901
Detergent removal BS4 74-5904
IMAC BS4 74-5906

Empty 96-Well SpinColumn Plates

Frit Qty. of 1
5 µm Frit BS4 74-5502
20 µm Frit BS4 74-5500
40 µm Frit BS4 74-5501

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