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Spin Columns

Harvard Apparatus' new generation of SpinColumnsTM are designed for the purification of small samples (10 µl to 150 µl), in either single column or high-throughput 96-well format, with a standard centrifuge.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple formats available - from single 10 µl sample volumes to high-throughput 96-well format
  • Unrivaled selection of column packing materials
  • Single use, disposable centrifuge tube formats
  • Quick high sample recovery
  • Rapid sample preparation time
  • Custom packed columns are available on request


  • Protein purification
  • Peptide purification
  • DNA purification
  • Small molecule, carbohydrate removal
  • Radiolabel removal
  • Nick translation
  • Affinity separation
  • Salt removal
  • Buffer exchange
Ultra-Micro Spincolumns

For sample volumes from 10 µl to 25 µl

Micro Spincolumns

For sample volumes from 25 µl to 75 µl

Macro Spincolumns

For sample volumes from 75 µl to 150 µl

96-Well Spincolumns

For high throughput applications with sample volumes from 25 µl to 100 µl

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