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1. SDR - Premium Capillary Glass
Harvard Warner model Pack quantity Glass size (OD x ID x length) Price ex GST 64-0786 G100F-3 500 pcs 1.0 mm x 0.58 mm x 7.5 cm USD85.12 64-0787 G100F-4 500 pcs 1.0 mm x 0.58

2. SDR - Temperature Control
Warner Temperature Controllers Two Models of Temperature Controller from Warner Instruments, designed to operate Heater Platforms for Series 20 chambers, or the SH-27B/28 Inline Solution Heaters. Simple

3. SDR - Amplifiers
On this page: Warner Instruments amplifiers A-M Systems amplifiers Warner IE-210 Intracellular Electrometer A high impedance

4. SDR - Recording Chambers
Warner Series 20 Chambers Series 20 Chambers from Warner Instruments are a family of models covering many different applications. The modular design has two parts: the polycarbonate chamber (insert) and

5. SDR - Bath Perfusion
Warner Solution/Vacuum Control Valves These valves, FR-50 and FR-55S, are used for fine control of solutions in a gravity fed perfusion system or vacuum used to evacuate a chamber. When used for chamber

6. SDR - Bilayers
Specialist equipment from Warner Instruments for planar lipid bilayer recording. The planar bilayer formed by painting lipids across a small aperture in a partition is one of the simplest techniques available to the novice and expert

7. SDR - Oocyte Clamping
Clamping Warner OC-725C Oocyte Clamp The OC-725C Oocyte Clamp amplifier is designed for two-electrode, whole-cell voltage clamping of Xenopus oocytes.Improvements to this version include an extended

8. SDR - Electrodes & Wire
electrode holders from Warner Instruments . For most models, the following variations are available: Connector 2mm pin 2mm jack socket BNC

9. SDR - Microtomes
we have a new product from Warner Instruments. The OTS-5000 Oscillating Tissue Slicer represents the most thoughtfully designed solution to sectioning either fixed or fresh tissue, and can prepare sections as thin as 5 microns. Embedding

10. SDR - Epithelial I/V Clamps
Voltage Clamps from Warner Instruments , providing a full range of features for routine and advanced research use. Single- and dual-channel models are available. EC-800 Single Channel Clamp Accurate membrane

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