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1. SDR - Motorised Manipulators
The Sutter QUAD - A new dimension in micromanipulation! Sutter Instrument has developed a very strong reputation as a manufacturer of both quality and innovative instrumentation. New from Sutter is the

2. SDR - Micropipette Making
Sutter P-1000 Micropipette Puller Sutter's horizontal pipette pullers have becomes the world's standard high-precision pipette puller. The P-87 puller, and its replacement the P-97, revolutionised

3. SDR - Filter Wheels
Sutter Lambda 10-2 The Lambda 10-2 is a microprocessor controlled, high speed filter wheel. Its impressive speed coupled with exceptionally smooth operation make the Lambda 10-2 ideal for

4. SDR - Manipulator Stands & Microscope Translators
Sutter MT70 Manipulator Stands Originally made for positioning manipulators next to microscopes, but also popular for supporting other equipment such as optical components. The stands are based on a rigid

5. SDR - Broad Spectrum Light Sources
Sutter Lambda-XL Light Source The newest member of Sutter's optical product family, the Lambda XL is a broad spectrum, highly stable light source (±1% peak-to-peak fluctuations) with an average lamp

6. SDR - Micropipette Puller Filaments
refer to Sutter 's web site for further information. Please note prices are subject to change without notice. Delivery is AU$29.50 (AU$59.50 for NZ) for small orders. GST is additional. Most filaments

7. SDR - Manual Manipulators
Sutter MP85 Micromanipulator This robust and heavy micromanipulator is based on the classic design of Huxley, and provides smooth precise movement for patch clamping and intracellular recording, or any other

8. SDR - Microinjection
Sutter Manual Microinjector The Sutter Manual Microinjector is an economical and robust manual syringe driver for pneumatic or hydraulic control of injection needles or holding pipettes.

9. SDR - Switched Wavelength Light Sources
Sutter DG-4/DG-5 Plus Wavelength Switchers The DG-4/DG-5 Plus are a combined Xenon Arc lamp and high speed wavelength switchers, ideal for fast ion imaging where image ratios at different excitation

10. SDR - Stages
For the Sutter XY Translator system , as an alternative to a moveable stage, please see our Micromanipulator Stands page. For more information and pricing details, please email us. © Copyright SDR

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