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1. SDR - Metabolic Screening
Promethion from Sable Systems features include: Advanced Calorimetry Sable Systems has spent

2. SDR - Activity Monitoring
and synchronized with Sable's Promethion MetaScreen, CaloScreen or SableScreen data collection and analysis software applications, allowing researchers to correlate environmental changes with study data.

3. SDR - Metabolic Measurement
instruments from Sable Systems, manufacturers of the Promethion line. Metabolic Screening Gas analysis for animal subjects

4. SDR - Room Calorimetry
of data is captured, while Sable's patent-pending "background baselining" protocol essentially eliminates analyzer drift. Exceptional analyzer performance allows high flow rates, minimizing the risk of hypercapnoea. Room flow

5. SDR - What's New
The Promethion range from Sable Systems offers metabolic screening for animals (integrated with activity monitoring) or whole-room calorimetry for metabolic measurements in humans. For more information, please

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