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1. SDR - Transducers from Harvard
Transducers from Harvard Isometric and Isotonic transducers for isolated muscle preparations Harvard Transducers are generally available with connectors to suit Harvard, Hugo Sachs, Grass or Gould amplifiers.

2. SDR - Harvard Traditional Perfusion Systems
Harvard Traditional Perfusion Systems Available as sets , or as individual components Isolated Heart Perfusion The Harvard Isolated Heart Perfusion system provides efficient and versatile

3. SDR - Capillary Glass
Manufacturer Harvard Apparatus Ltd in the UK (formerly Clark Electromedical Instruments ). Both the Harvard catalog numbers and original Clark numbers are shown for convenience. Glass Types

4. SDR - Premium Capillary Glass
with filament Harvard Warner model Pack quantity Glass size (OD x ID x length) Price ex GST 64-0786 G100F-3 500 pcs 1.0 mm x 0.58 mm x 7.5 cm USD85.12 64-0787 G100F-4 500 pcs

5. SDR - Peristaltic Pumps
NEW Harvard Peristaltic Pump Harvard Apparatus is proud to introduce the Harvard Peristaltic Pump . This pump series offers unparalleled accuracy, reproducibility, and ease of use over a broad range of flow

6. SDR - Heating & Cooling
A range of products from Harvard Apparatus for all your heating and cooling needs Water Baths - bath/circulation thermostats Incubators - from economy microplate to large multi-purpose Block heaters - dry bath

7. SDR - Ventilators
Harvard VentElite Ventilator The VentElite was designed for small animal research applications and is intended for use on subjects ranging in size from mice to guinea pigs. The goal in

8. SDR - Incubators
Incubators From Harvard Apparatus 24 Watt Microplate Incubator A compact, very economical incubator for microplates, culture kits, petri dishes and test tubes. Ambient +5 ºC up to 42 ºC. A plastic

9. SDR - Surgical
Harvard Small Operating Table A small, heated animal operating table suitable for use with small animals. Table size 23 x 33 cm; stainless steel top Heater (40 W) with variable duty

10. SDR - Activity Instruments
Instruments (both Harvard Apparatus companies). This page shows only a selection of the available equipment - please email us to discuss your exact requirements. For animal tracking software , please see our

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