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measurements. Hamamatsu has combined the space and time dimensions of a streak camera image with the resolution of a microscope to open new horizons in biological imaging. Hamamatsu Streak Camera

2. SDR - Digital Cameras
, and ORCA-R2 , please see Hamamatsu's pages on Scientific Cameras . For other cameras, please see the main Hamamatsu web site. For some useful tutorials and articles on digital cameras - from basic to advanced -

3. SDR - Imaging Systems
NanoZoomer NDP System from Hamamatsu - a self-contained digital slide scanner with fluorescence capabilities, for fixed and mounted specimens, For more information and to discuss your needs, please email us. © Copyright SDR

4. SDR - X-ray Imaging
sources from Hamamatsu for imaging in biological, physical science and industrial applications. For an overview of camera and source types, please see the X-ray Source and Camera Selection Guide

5. SDR - Agencies
Detection Hamamatsu CCD Cameras & Photonic Measurement Hamamatsu NanoZoomer Digital Pathology Hamamatsu HCIMage Imaging

6. SDR - NanoZoomer Slide Scanner
System (NDP) from Hamamatsu is the perfect way to make high resolution digital slides from fixed specimens - for viewing locally, over an intranet, or even over the internet. The NDP System can accept up to

7. SDR - HCImage
Imaging Software for Hamamatsu Cameras HCImage is designed for a wide range of imaging applications, with full support for digital cameras, automated microscopes and microscope add-ons such

8. SDR - Camera Filtering
Hamamatsu W-View The Hamamatsu W-View is a static image splitter that gives dual images at the camera, separated by wavelength. The W-View contains (exchangeable) interference filters and dichroics

9. SDR - Application Notes
Hamamatsu Learning Center A useful collection of notes on the technology of modern CCD and CMOS cameras, plus some tutorials on imaging issues such as noise and resolution. ©

10. SDR - NIRS
offer the NIRO-200NX from Hamamatsu Photonics which measures the above parameters using three wavelengths of NIR and two points of detection for each channel. The NIR is supplied from laser diode sources in a remote measurement unit

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