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1. SDR - Physiology Teaching
This page describes the Biopac Student Lab System , designed for implementing student practicals in physiology. The Biopac Student Lab revolutionizes how students learn the life

2. SDR - Psychophysiology
with ADInstruments, BIOPAC, BioSemi, Brain Products, and MindWare. Lumina fMRI Response Pads . The Lumina LP-400 is a reliable patient response system designed

3. SDR - Non-invasive Flow
we recommend a BIOPAC data aquisition system. This makes the analysis particularly easy - a cursor is dragged over the relevant period of the waveform and the resulting least-squares slope transferred to a journal (log) with a

4. SDR - Exercise Physiology
Medicine, we recommend the BIOPAC series of data acquisition systems. The BIOPAC MP100 and MP150 systems make it easy to measure: Respiratory Exchange Ratio End-Tidal CO2 VO2 Consumption Anaerobic

5. SDR - Rat Blood Pressure
Rat BP systems from BIOPAC and Panlab . The BIOPAC system consists of an amplifier unit with built-in pump, plus cuff assembly, pulse sensor, animal restrainer and optional heater. The system interfaces to a BIOPAC

6. SDR - Transducers from Harvard
to connect to the BIOPAC Data Acquisition System are also available. Harvard Research Isometric transducers A low-compliance force transducer with a dedicated amplifier.

7. SDR - Forearm Blood Flow
connected to the BIOPAC Data Acquisition System below. A means of recording the plethysmograph output. We supply and recommend a versatile Data Acquisition System from BIOPAC Systems, Inc . This system is

8. SDR - Transducers
next page BIOPAC Transducers BIOPAC transducers are designed to operate with a variety of BIOPAC amplifier modules , but many could be used independently with appropriate power supplies and amplification.

9. SDR - Data Acquisition Software
Software Biopac Acq Knowledge Biopac Acq Knowledge software is a complete acquisition and analysis system dedicated to the Biopac MP series of data acquisition systems. For more detail on Acq Knowledge , please

10. SDR - Non-invasive Blood Pressure
we recommend the BIOPAC MP100 System. This easy and versatile system is available for Windows or Macintosh, and is ideal for all sorts of laboratory recording, not just for NIBP. Dedicated NIBP amplifier, including built-in

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