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1. SDR - Patch Clamping
Clamping Axon Patch Clamp Equipment Molecular Devices has many years of expertise in conventional electrophysiology, developing the first amplifier in 1983 under its Axon brand. Today, Molecular Devices

2. SDR - Electrodes & Wire
Axon Instruments Series Holders These polycarbonate holders are designed for use with Axon Instruments equipment. They are available in two styles: "A" series holders for AxoPatch and

3. SDR - moor Accessory Modules
standardisation. In addition Axon reflex flare response can be performed with the moorVMS-HEAT-HT variant which temporarily allows heating to 47°C. Features include: dual channel; variable heating rate; stand-alone or supported by

4. SDR - Mechanical Components
with ceramic rods for Axon and Heka headstages Repeatable headstage clamps for swing-out/swing-in with micron accuracy Repeatable probe clamps for probes or pipette holders

5. SDR - Data Acquisition Software
include: Bruxton Acquire , Axon pClamp , Heka Pulse , Cambridge Electronic Design Spike 2 , and Multi CHannel System MC-Rack (Data Access Pro only). Compatible analysis programs include Matlab, Excel, Visual Basic, Origin,

6. SDR - Analysis Software
formats produced from: Axon, Bio-Logic, BIOPAC , Cardiax, DATAQ Instruments, Data Translation, Del Mar Reynolds, Forest Medical, VitalView (Mini Mitter), Nihon Kohden, Philips-Zymed, Polar, PowerLab, Somnologica, Vitaport, XLTEK

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