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1. SDR - Amplifiers
amplifiers A-M Systems amplifiers Warner IE-210 Intracellular Electrometer A high impedance microelectrode amplifier for intracellular studies.

2. SDR - Stimulators
Stimulators A-M Systems Stimulators Related pages: Neurolog Modular Electronics Digitimer DS2A/DS3 Stimulator

3. SDR - Electrodes & Wire
refer to A-M Systems 's web site for further information. Delivery charges are approximately AU$50 with a delivery time of about 4-6 weeks. For urgent orders, we can obtain express shipping by courier from

4. SDR - Agencies
A-M Systems Electrophysiology Applied Biophysics Automated Cell Monitoring Biopac Data Acquisition Systems Bruxton Electrophysiologal Data Analysis

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