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1. SDR - Microdialysis Instruments
three types of clips: The CMA 11 & 12 Clip, which holds the flat body of the CMA 11 or CMA 12 Probes or their Guide Cannulae, the CMA Probe Shaft Clip, which holds the shaft of the CMA 11 or 12 Probe, and the CMA 7 Clip which holds the

2. SDR - Microdialysis Probes
CMA MD 31 Linear Probe Ideal for skin, peripheral tissues, spinal cord and tumors Soft and flexible construction 55 kDa cutoff CMA Guide Cannulae Guide cannulae for

3. SDR - Microdialysis Pumps
CAD software included CMA_402_Datasheet For more details, please see the CMA 402 Datasheet Microsyringes for CMA 400 and CMA 402 Pumps 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 mL glass syringes Pretreated to

4. SDR - Microdialysis Probe Accessories
Enabling reuse of CMA 20 probes For more information and pricing details, please email us. © Copyright SDR Scientific Pty Ltd 2013

5. SDR - Microdialysis
equipment from CMA Microdialysis AB (a Harvard Appararus company). Microdialysis is a unique technique to monitor the chemistry of the extracellular space in living tissue. In basic research it is primarily used for

6. SDR - Agencies
Equipment CMA Microdialysis Systems Cedrus Simulus Presentation Software Digitimer Physiological Electronics Eicom Electrochemical Detection Hamamatsu CCD

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