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Radiation Protection

Important Safety Notes ...

Beta Protection Products Beta Protection Products are made from 10mm thick optically clear acryclic, which is the accepted standard for shielding beta emissions in biological research. Commonly used beta emitters include 3H, 14C, 32P, and 35S.
Gamma Protection Products Gamma Protection Products are made from acrylic copolymer resin containing an organolead salt. Our standard products use 12 mm thick lead-acrylic, equivalent to 0.5 mm lead (a 35 mm shield, equivalent to 1.6 mm lead, is also available). This is suitable for protection from 125I, but not from most other gamma-emitting radioisotopes. If in doubt, please consult your local Radiation Protection Officer. Gamma protection products are not recommended for use with high-energy beta emitters.

Radiation Shields

Radiation Shields

Radiation shields available in a variety of sizes and shapes, for either Beta or Gamma protection.

  • Two basic sizes - 450 x 300 mm, or 530 x 350 mm
  • Two styles of base - flat on bench, or curved for use with a safety tray
  • Fixed 45º shields, for use by a standing operator
  • Fixed 15º shields, for use by a sitting operator
  • Adjustable 0º (upright) to 15º shields (also available in 35mm gamma)
  • Hourglass 15º shields (illustrated), for easy working access
  • 3-sided Beta shield, eg. for shielding at rear of working space
Cabinet Workstation

Cabinet Workstation

A fully enclosed cabinet workstation with two large side doors for easy access

  • Exterior dimensions 500 x 570 x 390 mm
  • Suitable for storage when not in use
  • Provided without base: optional safety tray available
Radiation Boxes

Radiation Boxes

A series of boxes for storage of samples and waste materials. Interchangeable inserts can hold Eppendorf tubes, centrifuge tubes, Falcon tubes, scintillation vials, Universals and Cryotubes of various sizes.

  • Beta Mini-Box with hinged lid - holds 16 x 1.5 or 20 x 0.5 ml Eppendorf tubes
  • Midi-Boxes with hinged lids (Beta or Gamma) - holds 2x Mini-Box capacity, or 32 x 2ml Cryotubes (illustrated)
  • Maxi-Boxes with hinged lids (Beta or Gamma) - holds 3 Midi-Box inserts, or inserts for taller tubes
  • Solid storage/transport block - holds 24 x 1.5 ml and 15 x 0.5 ml Eppendorf tubes
  • Beta block for 4 x 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes
Radiation Bins

Radiation Bins

A range of bins suitable for use with a waste bag.

  • Hinged lids
  • Six sizes for Beta protection - 1 litre to 50 litre capacity
  • Three sizes for Gamma protection - 3.3 litre to 50 litre capacity
  • See below for suitable waste bags
Pipette Shields

Pipette Shields

Pipette shields which fit snugly on the pipette shaft, protecting the hand during the dispensing sequence.

  • Beta and Gamma models available
  • Three sizes fit Jencons/Genex pipettes
  • Three sizes fit Gilson pipettes
Radiation Bags

Radiation Bags

Heavy duty, 500-gauge polythene bags for radioactive waste

  • Double heat sealed for extra leak protection
  • Sizes to fit Radiation bins shown above
  • Double string neck pull for closure and lifting
  • Printed with radiation-warning symbol; 25 per package
Radiation Warning labels

Other safety items

  • Radiation Hazard Symbol labels - 2 sizes, 25/pack
  • Radiation Warning Tape - 25 mm wide in 66 m roll
  • Safety trays & liners - general, radiation hazard or biohazard labelled
Radiation Warning labels

For further details, please see Harvard's online catalog pages.

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