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ProTip, one of Harvard Apparatus' latest patent-pending technologies, is a new method for cleaning and concentrating protein samples for further instrumental analysis.

ProTip offers the same easy sample flow of our PrepTip, but contains a small quantity of a highly effective hydrophilic polymer material. The binding capacity of the polymer used in ProTip is 5 to 10 times higher than that of silica-based materials.

This polymer binds proteins in the presence of organic solvents but does not bind impurities, such as salts and detergents, in the sample. After the protein is bound to the polymer it can easily be eluted in an aqueous solution, making purification and concentration of biological samples with ProTip fast, simple, and highly effective.

Three sizes are offered to meet your specific application. The Ultra-Micro ProTip includes one micro pipettor.

  • Fast, simple, easy to use - here's a diagram of the steps
  • Highly effective, non-silica based hydrophilic polymer material
  • Easy, rapid flow of sample due to the unobstructed tip opening of ProTip
  • Effective for small samples (even with volumes less than 1 µl)
  • Tip sizes available to suit a range of sample volumes
  • No special equipment necessary - uses standard micro-pipette tips
  • Suitable for use with single or multi-channel pipetting devices

ProTip Ordering Information

Sample Size Qty. of 24 Qty. of 96
Ultra-Micro - 1 to 10 µl BS4 74-3700 BS4 74-3701
Micro - 10 to 100 µl BS4 74-3702 BS4 74-3703
Macro - 100 to 500 µl BS4 74-3704 BS4 74-3705

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