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Dissolved Oxygen Meter (stand & stirrer not included)

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

This robust Oxygen meter measures PO2 in either liquids or gases.

  • Robust 2mm stainless steel electrodes
  • Electrodes have replaceable membranes
  • Meter is battery operated with large LCD display
  • Analog output for recorder or data acquisition
Ruthenium Fluorescence Measurement (stand & stirrer not included)

Ruthenium Fluorescence Measurement

The FO2ton Ruthenium Fluorescence Measurement system measures oxygen in solution or in air, using a fibre optic probe. The probe tip is coated with a thin film of an organic ruthenium based dye, the fluorescence of which is quenched in the presence of oxygen.

  • Does not consume oxygen, allowing continuous contact with small samples
  • Variety of sensor sizes available
  • Small size & 12 VDC power - easily portable or used in field
  • Includes RS-232 interface and Windows-compatible software
Phosphorescence Oxygen Measurement

Phosphorescence Oxygen Measurement

The PMOD-1000 and PMOD-2000 systems measure oxygen by the quenching of phosphorescence from phosphors that have been injected into the blood stream. A range of suitable phosphors is available for both surface and deeper tissue measurements.

  • Measurements are made with a bifurcated optical fibre bundle
    • Two excitation wavelengths built-in (524 nm and 635 nm standard)
    • Probe tip is non-invasive
    • Allows in-vitro measurement from sealed chamber
    • Windows-compatible software included
    • Extensive method reference list available

    Dual Chamber Oxygen Measurement System

    The Dual Chamber Oxygen Measuring System is a complete, flexible system designed for oxygen measurement in small biological liquid samples.

    • Sample sizes as small as 600 L
    • Ideal for biological applications
    • Flow Cell Mode: For in-line measurement of oxygen in solutions flowing past the electrode, comparing inflow and outflow
    • Batch Cell Mode: For measuring oxygen consumption in a sealed 600 L sample
    • Meter, electrodes and stirrer available separately (as below)

    Oxygen Electrodes

    A polarographic Clark-type electrode for measuring dissolved oxygen in small fixed volumes or in flowing samples.

    • Electrode length of 41 mm
    • Electrode diameter of 3.2 mm
    • Platinum wire cathode (0.1 mm exposed section) in fused glass seal
    • Typical current at ambient pO2 is 18 nA
    • Temperature coefficient is 4%/1C
    • Time constant with PE membrane is approx. 4 seconds
    • SMC type coaxial connector

    Dual Channel Oxygen Amplifier

    This amplifier generates a potential that can operate our standard Clark oxygen electrodes and also converts the nanoamp electrode current into a voltage to measure pO2.

    • Designed for standard Clark oxygen electrodes
    • Both supplies the required biasing potential and measures the nanoampere currents generated
    • Converts nanoamp current into pO2 dependent voltage

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