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Nitric Oxide

inNO Nitric Oxide system

inNO-T Nitric Oxide system

The inNO-T is the most technologically advanced Nitric Oxide electrochemical detection system on the market today. It is the only NO system that offers temperature recording. It is a dual channel system with automatic compensation. It combines both a Nitric Oxide configured potentiostat and a sophisticated software controlled data acquisition system in one compact battery powered unit.

  • Battery powered benchtop/portable system.
  • 24 bit A/D converter for the widest dynamic range (16,000,000 to 1).
  • Resolution down to 0.1 pA (0.01 nM).
  • User friendly recording, playback and analysis software compatible with Windows 95/98, 2000, NT, and XP operating systems

For further details, please see Harvard's online catalog pages.

amiNO-2000 Sensor

amiNO Sensors

The amiNO series of NO sensors represents the latest improvements in NO sensor technology increasing sensitivity (signal/unit concentration) by over 100 times compared to currently available sensors. They also have lowered detection limits to below 1 nM. Combined with the superior electronics the inNO-T meter, this allows the system to detect minute changes in NO concentrations.

  • amiNO-7 Sensor - 7 um tip diameter
  • amiNO-30 Sensor - 30 um tip diameter
  • amiNO-100 Sensor - 100 um tip diameter, rugged, fast response
  • amiNO-2000 Sensor - flat 2mm tip, user-replaceable membranes
  • amiNO-FLAT Sensor - measures NO release from cultured monolayers
  • amiNO-IV Sensor - 200 um sharp tip for tissue penetration

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