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NIRS (Near InfraRed Spectroscopy) as applied to tissue measurements is a relatively recent development which offers improved methodology for monitoring deep tissue, especially brain tissue.

NIRS scheme

The use of spectroscopic principles enables the identification and measurement of biologically important substances inside organs like the brain using non-invasive emitters and sensors to detect the spectral and spacial attenuation of infrared radiation in the tissue. Light of different wavelengths generated by diodes is introduced at the skin surface and, after scattering by brain or other tissue, is detected by one or more photodiodes located some distance from the entry point.

Using the methods of spatially resolved spectroscopy and modified Beer-Lambert equations it is possible to measure such molecular species as:

It is expected that other measurements relevant to brain status and function will become possible with future developments in photonic technology.

NIRO sensor arrangement

We offer the NIRO-200NX from Hamamatsu Photonics which measures the above parameters using three wavelengths of NIR and two points of detection for each channel.

The NIR is supplied from laser diode sources in a remote measurement unit and beamed into the brain using a fibre optic guide attached to the skin (forehead). Two photodiodes mounted about 40 mm away detect the changes in the transmission of the radiation as a function of time, distance and wavelength and transmit this information back to the measurement unit.

The display unit collects the data and displays the concentration of each molecular species and other relevant indices against time. These can be viewed as short term or long term (trend) data.

Applications areas for this technology include

  • cerebral monitoring in neonates & stroke patients
  • during surgery where blood flow to the brain may be impaired
  • research in brain metabolism and tissue oxygenation
  • sports medicine
  • aviation medicine
  • rehabilitation
  • hyperbaric chamber facilities.

For further details, please see the NIRO-200NX brochure .

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