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Autonomic Nervous System Analysis

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Nevrokard are developers of powerful and professional software tools for analysis of autonomic nervous system functionality. The software is compatible with a very wide range of data acquisition system file formats. Programs typically provide extensive statistics and data editing from the time domain, plus frequency domain analysis including autoregressive and FFT analysis.

Nevrokard programs include:

HRV Software for Heart Rate Variability Analysis, suitable also for fetal HRV and for HRV in small animals. Accepts a recorded ECG file or an ASCII RR interval text file.
LT-HRV HRV software for segmented analysis of long-term ECG recordings, with numeric and 3D graphic output of results. Compatible with the same file types as Nevrokard HRV.
BPV software for Blood Pressure Variability Analysis - compatible with Finapres, Portapres and Colin monitors.
BRS Software for Baroreceptor Sensitivity Analysis - compatible with Finapres, Portapres and Colin monitors.
LDDA Software for Laser Doppler. Analyses data obtained with single channel (LDDA) or two-channel (LDDA2) Laser Doppler perfusion monitors (see our Skin Blood Flow page).

Data acquisition compatibility includes file formats produced from:

Axon, Bio-Logic, BIOPAC, Cardiax, DATAQ Instruments, Data Translation, Del Mar Reynolds, Forest Medical, VitalView (Mini Mitter), Nihon Kohden, Philips-Zymed, Polar, PowerLab, Somnologica, Vitaport, XLTEK


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