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NanoZoomer Slide Scanners

The NanoZoomer family of Digital Pathology Systems (NDP) from Hamamatsu is the perfect way to make high resolution digital slides from fixed specimens - for viewing locally, over an intranet, or even over the internet.

Nanozoomers can accept up to 320 standard microscope slides at once (depending on the model). The standard resolution is better than 0.5 µm per pixel, yielding slide images with approx. 2 gigapixels. A fluorescence option is available for some models. The scanning time is about 30 seconds per slide, depending on the model and the area scanned.

These products opens new frontiers in telepathology, such as the ability to establish pathologist competence networks and conferences without the need for the pathologists to physically meet. Even sharing a slide with a colleague or student becomes much simpler, using the Hamamatsu slide server software, or simply by sending the scan file.

Digital Slide Advantages

  • Easy data sharing within the workgroup
  • Remote consultations - telepathology
  • Cost effective pathology teaching
  • Allows simultaneous image comparisons
  • Easy slide annotation
  • Fluorescent slides can be viewed repeatedly
  • Potential to link images to other clinical data
  • Potential to create virtual TMA slides
  • Bypasses slide deterioration & damage issues
  • Potential for image processing and analysis


NanoZoomer Models

NanoZoomer S360 Digital Slide Scanner

  • High throughput - more than 82 slides per hour
  • Scanning speed approximately 30s per slide
  • Up to 360 slides in one batch
  • Focus scoring allows easy identification of slides needing review/rescan
  • NanoZoomer S360 Brochure
NanoZoomer S360

NanoZoomer S60 Digital Slide Scanner

NanoZoomer S360
  • Up to 60 slides in one batch
  • Scanning speed approximately 60s per slide
  • Fluorescence option available
  • Scans standard and double-sized slides
  • NanoZoomer Family Brochure

NanoZoomer S210 Digital Slide Scanner

NanoZoomer S360

NanoZoomer-SQ Digital Slide Scanner

NanoZoomer S360

NanoZoomer XR Digital Slide Scanner

  • Scanning speed approximately 35s per slide
  • Up to 320 slides in one batch
  • Fluorescence option available
  • Focus scoring allows easy identification of slides needing review/rescan
  • NanoZoomer Family Brochure
NanoZoomer S360


NDP.View2 Viewing Application

NDP.View2 is freely downloadable for your Windows PC or Macintosh.

  • Natural and intuitive zooming and scrolling
  • Image view export to jpg
  • Easy annotation and measurement
  • Colour adjustment
  • Slide selection by thumbnails
  • Multiple tabs, and multiple slides per tab
  • Instant step through Z-stacks as virtual focus control

NDP.Serve3 Web Slide Server

NDP.Serve3 enables the distribution of whole slide images (WSI) through networks. It allows sharing slide as digital data on the internet or intranet and makes them available anytime and anywhere as needed.

  • Available in 3 different levels to suit your organisation
  • User friendly interface for viewing over intranet or internet
  • Granular access permissions for each slide and folder
  • Automatic publishing of slides when scanning is complete
  • Conference option for synchronised viewing while collaborating
  • Supports 3rd party image file formats (Aperio, Leica)
  • LDAP support

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