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NanoZoomer Slide Scanner

The NanoZoomer Digital Pathology System (NDP) from Hamamatsu is the perfect way to make high resolution digital slides from fixed specimens - for viewing locally, over an intranet, or even over the internet.

The NDP System can accept up to 210 standard microscope slides at once (Nanozoomer-RS model). The standard resolution is better than 0.5 µm per pixel, yielding slide images with approx. 2 gigapixels. A fluorescence option is available. The scanning time is about 2-3 minutes per slide, depending on the area scanned. When viewing images over the network, interactive zoom & pan are available and only the viewed portion of the image is transferred over the network, thus preserving network bandwidth and speed.

This product opens news frontiers in telepathology, such as the ability to establish pathologist competence networks and conferences without the need for the pathologists to physically meet. Even sharing a slide with a colleague or student becomes much simpler, using the Hamamatsu slide server software.



NanoZoomer NDP System


NanoZoomer NDP System


NanoZoomer Features

  • Compatible slide glass: 26 mm x 76 mm; thickness 0.9 - 1.2 mm
  • Slide loading: automatic, with cassettes for
    • Nanozoomer-HT: up to 210 regular slides
    • Nanozoomer-RS: up to 6 regular slides, or 2 double-size slides
  • Scan range: 25 mm x 52 mm
  • Spatial resolution:
    • standard mode: 0.46 µm/pixel (equivalent to 20X)
    • ultra hi-resolution mode: 0.23 µm/pixel (equivalent to 40X)
  • Scanning technology: Hamamatsu's unique CCD TDI technology
  • Scanning time: approx. 1 min 40 s for 20 mm x 20 mm scan area (at 20x)
  • Slide setup time: approx. 1 min
  • Fluorescence option available
  • Freely available viewer/annotation software for installation on your personal PC

Digital Slide Advantages

  • Easy data sharing within the workgroup
  • Remote consultations - telepathology
  • Cost effective pathology teaching
  • Allows simultaneous image comparisons
  • Easy slide annotation
  • Fluorescent slides can be viewed repeatedly
  • Potential to link images to other clinical data
  • Potential to create virtual TMA slides
  • Bypasses slide deterioration & damage issues
  • Potential for image processing and analysis

For full specifications, please see the NanoZoomer brochure .

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