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... the rats self-heating when confined. Integrated Systems We supply integrated Rat BP systems from BIOPAC and Panlab. The BIOPAC system consists of an amplifier unit with built-in pump ...
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... the full range of these manufacturers! A-M Systems Electrophysiology Applied Biophysics Automated Cell Monitoring Biopac Data Acquisition Systems Bruxton Electrophysiologal Data Analysis BTX Electroporation Equipment CMA Microdialysis Systems Cedrus ...
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... pressure transducers shown above, to a standard DC bridge amplifier (such as the BIOPAC DA-100). The adaptor is powered by the bridge amplifier, and in ...
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... Acquisition For rat-tail BP Data Acquisition combined with other physiological measurements, we recommend the BIOPAC MP100 System. This easy and versatile system is available for Windows or Macintosh ...
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... ). Data acquisition compatibility includes file formats produced from: Axon, Bio-Logic, BIOPAC, Cardiax, DATAQ Instruments, Data Translation, Del Mar Reynolds, Forest ...
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... , other maintenance. Note the Pipette Cookbook. BIOPAC's Application Notes How to use BIOPAC data acquistion in various circumstances, with some comments of general utility (eg ...
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... A-M Systems Applied Biophysics Axon Instruments Biopac Bruxton Cell MicroControls CMA Compix Digitimer Hamamatsu Harvard Apparatus Heka Hokanson Instrutech Kopf Lumencor Marzhauser MCS Moor Nevrokard Noldus Okolab Omega Optical ...
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... data acquisition, biopac, recorder, dat, telemetry, logging, transducer ...
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... electrophysiology, stimulator, digitimer, grass, biopac, constant voltage, current, isolator, isolation, compliance ...
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