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... variety of hood options, allowing instant photo-documentation with a simple transilluminator. Hoods with inbuilt lenses available for gels from 75 x 100 mm, to 200 x 250 ...
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... made by advancing or retracting the stereotaxic carrier Accurate rotation cuts may be made using inbuilt graduations Blade cannula is only 0.3 mm diameter for distal 12 mm For further ...
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... for multi-channel users Calibration constants are stored within the probe itself with timed re-calibration reminders Inbuilt temperature measurement for skin probes Easy viewing: high contrast, ice white, ...
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... or 2-1800 ml/hr Designed for low EMI- especially suitable for intracellular recordings Inbuilt battery will run the pump for up to 30 hours (not available in ...
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