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... the fastest possible response time and highest possible fidelity for metabolic data. Promethion from Sable Systems features include: Advanced Calorimetry Sable Systems has spent the last 25 years ...
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... of the animal's behaviour. Automated Behavioural Analysis can now be achieved by Ethoscan from Sable Systems. Voluntary Exercise Wheel Activity Monitoring The Promethion wheel monitoring system incorporates a ...
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... 2015) Newsletter September 2014 New Metabolic Screening& Activity Monitoring The Promethion range from Sable Systems offers metabolic screening for animals (integrated with activity monitoring) or whole-room ...
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... . Full response correction for any room volume is included. Turnkey Room Calorimetry System Sable Systems' Promethion room calorimetry system incorporates the GA-6 dual channel combined O2, ...
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... Metabolic Measurement We are pleased to offer Metabolic Measurement instruments from Sable Systems, manufacturers of the Promethion line. Metabolic Screening Gas analysis for animal subjects Room Calorimetry ...
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... Cancellation Rapp OptoElectronic Photometry& Photolysis RedShirtImaging Ultra-Fast Imaging Saint Gobain Tygon and other tubing Sable Systems Metabolic& Activity Measurement RWD Pre-clinical Surgical Solutions Siskiyou Corporation Hardware for Microscopy ...
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... Noldus Okolab Omega Optical Panlab Physitemp Plexon Quest Scientific Rapp Optoelectronic RedShirtImaging RWD Saint Gobain Sable Systems Siskiyou SmartEye Starr Life Sciences Stoelting Sutter T&T Scientific TT Scientific ...
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