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... our Broad Spectrum sources (perhaps with the addition of a Filter Wheel). Lumencor SPECTRA Light Engine Lumencor's light engines are unique, solid state illuminators, ideally ...
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... see our Switched Wavelength page. Filter Wheels are optional extras for these sources. Lumencor SOLA-SM Light Engine The SOLA SM light engine is a high performance illumination source ...
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... Flow Hugo Sachs Organ Systems& Electronics Impedimed Body Composition Analysis Ionoptix Calcium& Contractility Lumencor Light Engines Kopf Stereotaxic Marzhauser Micromanipulators& Stages Molecular Devices Neuroscience (Axon CNS ...
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... Braintree BTX CMA Cedrus Digitimer Eicom Fluigent Hamamatsu Harvard Apparatus Hokanson Hugo Sachs Impedimed Ionoptix Lumencor Kopf Marzhauser Molecular Devices Moor Muromachi Noldus Okolab Omega Optical Panlab Physitemp Plexon Quest ...
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