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... Electroporation Cuvettes& Plates BTX Electroporation Cuvettes Plus BTX Cuvettes Plus are designed for use in electroporation and electrofusion of bacteria, yeast, insect, plant and mammalian ...
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... Electroporation Electrodes BTX manufacture wide range of speciality electrodes for electroporation/electrofusion in vivo, in ovo and in vitro (including petri dishes, microslides and well ...
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... Electroporation Generators The ECM 830 generator utilizes the new BTX Power Platform Technology and an all-new digital user interface, producing square wave pulses with direct control of the ...
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... Electroporation Systems BTX HT 96 Well Electroporation Systems Advanced Transfection Products from BTX allow you to boost your productivity by optimizing your conditions and increasing your yields and viability ...
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... Systems Electrophysiology Applied Biophysics Automated Cell Monitoring Biopac Data Acquisition Systems Braintree Lab Research Products BTX Electroporation Equipment CMA Microdialysis Systems Cedrus Simulus Presentation Software Digitimer Physiological Electronics Eicom Electrochemical ...
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... and transgenic plant production. We are proud to distribute electroporation and electrofusion equipment from BTX (a Harvard Bioscience company) In this section: Systems Generators Cuvettes and ...
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... A-M Systems A-M Systems Applied Biophysics Biopac Braintree BTX CMA Cedrus Digitimer Eicom Fluigent Hamamatsu Harvard Apparatus Hokanson Hugo Sachs Impedimed Ionoptix Lumencor Kopf Marzhauser Molecular Devices Moor Muromachi ...
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