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... Patch Clamping Axon Patch Clamp Equipment Molecular Devices has many years of expertise in conventional electrophysiology, developing the first amplifier in 1983 under its Axon brand. Today ...
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... dimension "A ") of 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, or 2.0 mm Axon Instruments Series Holders These polycarbonate holders are designed for use with Axon Instruments equipment ...
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... skin temperature monitor. Assessments include maximal flow response, temperature standardisation. In addition Axon reflex flare response can be performed with the moorVMS-HEAT-HT variant which temporarily allows heating ...
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... with 3-poisition multiplier Ideal for clamping other large cells and cell structures such as squid axons RC-3Z Oocyte Chamber A simple, low-cost chamber for studies of oocytes and other ...
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... our micromanipulator pages. Mounts, Holders and Clamps Headstage mounts with ceramic rods for Axon and Heka headstages Repeatable headstage clamps for swing-out/swing-in with micron accuracy Repeatable ...
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... & Contractility Lumencor Light Engines Kopf Stereotaxic Marzhauser Micromanipulators& Stages Molecular Devices Neuroscience (Axon CNS) Moor Laser Doppler Muromachi Microwave Fixation Noldus Behavioural Observation& Recording Okolab ...
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... neuroscience, electrophysiology, neurons, axon, electrode, array, stereotaxic, brain ...
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