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Microscope Incubators

CO2 Microscope Cage and Stage Incubators from Okolab

For simple heated perfusion chambers, see the Temperature Control page

Cage Incubators

The Okolab CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator is designed to maintain all the required environmental conditions for cell culture all around your microscopy workstation, thus enabling to carry out prolonged observations on biological specimens and allowing at the same time enough space for other equipment.

  • Surrounds the entire microscope
  • Models available for all common microscopes, or custom built for your system
  • CO2 and humidity control is provided in a small chamber on the stage
  • Additional equipment can be kept at a given temperature
  • Suitable for micromanipulation
  • Can be used on upright microscopes
  • Slow thermal response compared to a stage incubator

Stage Incubators

The Okolab CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator is designed to maintain all the required environmental conditions for cell cultures right on the microscope stage, thus allowing prolonged observations of cell events. Temperature is controlled by circulating water from a thermostatic bath into the incubating chamber. CO2 is mixed with air in the control unit and is continuously fed into the incubating chamber to control medium pH. A humidifying and a pre-heating module prevent medium evaporation and avoids water condensation on glass and plastic surfaces.

  • Fits on the microscope stage
  • Models for 2 to 96 wells, for all common inverted microscopes
  • Very compact
  • Easy to remove
  • Capable of heating and cooling
  • Accessibility of sample and microscope parts
  • Fast thermal response
  • Not suitable for micromanipulation
  • Not suitable for upright microscopes

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