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Metal Clamps

Harvard Metal Clamps are solidly made from brass with heavy nickel plating (some connectors are of aluminium). A wide variety of individual components make it easy to select just what you need for each application.

Muscle Grips


  • General purpose - scooped out padded jaws
  • Muscle grips - jaws have cut teeth to securely hold preparations
  • Tube/thermometer - adjustable padded hook to securely hold glass
  • Spring clip - for holding glassware 55 - 60 mm diameter
  • Ring clamps - in a range of sizes from 20 mm to 180 mm
Closed connector


  • Closed - For mounting a clamp on a stand or lattice
  • Open - Easily added or removed
  • Open/closed - one end of each
  • Swivel - swing through 45 º
  • Rotation - lock at any angle through 360 º
  • Rack & pinion - allow precise adjustment of the cross-arm height
  • Micro Adjustable - position the cross arm height to within 0.1 mm
Ball jointed V Clamp
Ball connectors

Ball Jointed Clamps
& Connectors

Ideal for positioning small apparatus in difficult locations

  • V Clamps - Miniature or Standard with ball end
  • Insulated Electrode Clamp - holds one or two electrode wires
  • Ball jointed connectors - for positioning rods where you need them
  • Large ball joint clamp - opening to 75 mm
  • Extension rods - with ball both ends
Adjustable stand


  • Standard laboratory stand - 350 mm high and weighs 2 kg
  • Adjustable stand - lockable rotation through 30 º
  • Three Claw stand - in large and small sizes
  • Pharmacology - heavy (5.5 kg) and finished in white nylon
  • Four bar stand - 4 uprights for complex apparatus

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