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Lipoprep, Liposomat

Mini Lipoprep

  • The Mini Lipoprep is well suited for the preparation of small volumes of liposomes (0.5 ml to 1.0 ml).
  • It consists of a sample chamber, which is used with a membrane, and a motor to rotate the sample chamber at constant speed.
  • Liposomes are formed during dialysis of the detergent in the lipid/detergent micelles through the membrane.
  • Using the Mini Lipoprep, unilamellar homogeneous liposomes can be prepared in 2 to 3 hours.
Catalog No. Description Quantity
74-6300 Mini Lipoprep with Dual Speed Drive Unit (10/20 rpm), Dialysis Cell (500 µl to 1000 µl) and 200 Membranes (MWCO 10,000 Daltons Very High Permeability) 1
74-2100 Membranes for Mini Lipoprep, MWCO 5,000 Daltons 200
74-2102 Membranes for Mini Lipoprep MWCO 10,000 Daltons Very High Permeability 200
74-6304 Kit for Liposome Preparation (for 20 Preparations); includes: 500mg Phosphatidylcholine from Soyabean, and 800mg Cholic Acid Sodium Salt 1




  • The Liposomat is ideal for the preparation of liposomes of volumes from 3 ml to 50 ml or higher.
  • The system has two serpentine channels superimposed on each other and separated by a membrane.
  • Each channel has a volume of 3 ml and a length of 3 meters. The mixed lipid/detergent micelles run through one of the channels while the buffer flows through the other channel.
  • Due to controlled dialysis and the high surface area in the system, liposomes can be formed within 30 minutes.
  • The serpentine chambers can also be immersed in a water bath for liposome production at constant temperature.
Catalog No. Description Quantity
74-6400 Liposomat Device for Preparation of Liposomes (3 ml to 50 ml) with Dual Pump, Flow-Through Dialysis Chamber and 100 Membranes (MWCO 5,000 Daltons) 1
74-6401 Membranes for Liposomat (MWCO 5,000 Daltons) 100
74-6402 Long Tubing for Use of Liposomat with Thermostat 1

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