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Lab Jacks

We offer a range of Lab Jacks and Adjustable Stands from Harvard Apparatus.

Harvard Lab Jacks

Standard Lab Jack Position a load of up to 45 kg at a height of 70 to 260 mm. Top plate 120 x 140 mm. Large control knob. Predrilled for stacking if required. Cat 56-9939.
Standard Lab Jack with Large Plate & Support Rod Similar to the standard jack, with a removable 200 x 200 mm top plate and 450 mm support rod. Cat 56-9947.
Micro Lab Jack Stainless steel top & bottom plates are 75 x 75 mm, but can be removed to reveal 38 x 50 mm plates. Vertical positioning is from 29 to 86 mm. Cat 56-9954.
Please note that these jacks are designed to support an appropriate load but are not designed to actively lift the load.


Adjustable Stands

Research Support Stand Precision Adjustable Screw Stand

Research Support Stand

The ultimate in rigid support. This heavy stand (9 kg) has 400 mm of vertical travel, using a 25 mm diameter rod. Ideal for use with force and displacement tranducers. Cat 55-0640.

Precision Adjustable Screw Stand

This heavy-duty adjustable stand has a range of 365 mm using a 2 mm pitch leadscrew. The box column has precision dovetails, locating the carriage which is moved by the leadscrew. The carriage table measures 65 x 85 mm. The height is adjustable from 175 to 500 mm, and the stand weight is 11 kg. Cat 50-1882.

For further details, please see Harvard's online catalog pages.

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